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Dreach-Fhoula [25 Mar 2017|08:44am]
I never thought I would write about two things -- vampires and Ireland. And here I am, 40,000 words later writing a book just about that. I originally believed it would be a short story but then now I'm thinking it is two books. I decided to not give Oisin a happy ending and someone else will have to save him. And in order to do justice to that, I have to shift narrators (the story is in the first person.

The book is turning into something super personal. Like there is a lot about my life not word for word but represented. And also, me processing the refugee crisis. The Desmond-Callahan-Estrella household are essentially refugees. Some vampiric. XD

Doing some aesthetics for my characters.

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Just a heads up [18 Mar 2016|11:34am]
I think I caught the office bug. I went home early cuz I am so so tired and headachy and just achey.
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Active Characters [14 Mar 2016|07:02pm]

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Retired Characters [13 Mar 2016|05:00pm]

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Just worth mentioning... [06 Dec 2015|08:47am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I hope I didn't over-commit myself for the Hanukkah stuff. XD But Joel is pretty generous.

I also find it interesting how Sami and Erik are both do-gooders in their own way. But Sami is about the BIG change while Erik is more about change at his own personal level -- pay it forward kind of people.

I'm gonna be afk for most of the day today. I am starting my Avatar game!

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Yay Start Date! [02 Oct 2015|10:42am]
[ mood | excited ]

I got my start date -- 13 Oct. Gonna make this last week count! Here's to a new life. Just like the Sin-Eaters.

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For [info]book_muse [12 Sep 2015|08:48am]
[ mood | busy ]

Here is a list of Board Games that are some of my favorites.

First off, Wil Wheaton does a net series about board games here. I actually haven't watched it yet. Mostly because it is like 3 seasons. I was going to save it for a rainy day...

Anyways... here's a list of some of my favorites:

Eldritch Horror. Play investigators in the 1920s or something in the world of H.P. Lovecraft as you try together to prevent the old ones from rising by globetrotting, collecting clues, and closing portals. The game is the very definition of insanity. It is extremely hard to win but you play expecting a different outcome each time. This is probably my most favorite game because it is super involved with a lot of strategy involved but if you play this, put aside an afternoon.

Pandemic. This is Eldritch Horror lite. You play a group of disease researchers who work for the CDC in Atlanta. The world is being attacked by four super viruses and you have to travel across the world to prevent outbreaks, cure disease, and eventually treat and erradicate the diseases. This game is easier than Eldritch Horror and runs shorter, but don't let that fool you.

XCOM. This game is new and I played it once and LOVED this intense game. This is another cooperative game and this time you are playing against an App you download for your phone or tablet. You all play members of an Earth Protection Force and have to protect the planet from an alien invasion. Each person takes on a role like Scientist, Master Sergeant, Intelligence, etc. And each person has a specific goal they need to do to contribute to the fighting forces.

7 Wonders. This is another of my favorite games but I like resource management. There are times in which this game feels like group solitaire. Basically, each person plays a civilization of Yore and you're trying to gain points in a certain number of turns. You do this by building your wonder, building your military, create guilds, and other things. With experienced players, you can finish this game in an hour. But when you're new, it can take a couple as the rounds are nuanced.

Letters from Whitechapel. You and your friends play detectives in Victorian London and you're together trying to capture Jack the Ripper. One of your other friends plays Jack the Ripper. The detectives have to track Jack over 5 nights and try to catch him between his murders and to when he gets to his home base. This game is ridiculously fun -- especially as Jack.

Dixit. This is a game of pretty cards and pretty art. Everyone has a hand of cards with abstract pictures. One person looks at one of her cards and says one sentence in relation to it. Everyone else plays a card they feels also fits. Then everyone else votes to which card is the person who made the sentence. The game seems simple but it is ridiculously fun.

Sushi Go! This is a card game with cute cards and it is basically like Rummy but with cute cards. You are trying to get points and certain sushi combos give you points. This is a quick game and my friends and I often play it when we go to restaurants.

Ghost Stories. Another cooperative game in which you are trying to protect villages in medieval China from the forces of the underworld. I played this game once. It is super intense and the art is delightfully freaky.

Tokaido. This game you play a tourist in Japan during the Meiji Era. Your goal is to visit all the shrines and get a token from each and also gain extra points by purchasing suvenieers. I loved the art and the concept of this little game.

Avalon. I like this game when playing with the right people. Some people can be assholes during it. Basically, you play Knights of the Round Table trying to accomplish tasks. Each are assigned a secret role. There are those who are trying to sabotage the quests, Merlin who knows but cannot say and have to move people to not choose those bad people, and the assassin who must figure out who Merlin is.

Coup. This is a quick card game. The easiest way is you are trying to screw over your fellow players by manipulating the game so they lose influence so you can take over the fictional country. This game is hard to explain as you have to play it a few time.

There are more but those are some that I like that I feel are somewhat theme appropriate.

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Character Voice [10 Sep 2015|10:15am]
[ mood | blah ]

Decided to mention it for my own notes:

Peter's voice is very Paranorman-like with a dash of Hiro from Big Hero 6 (not horror but Peter's more happier qualities).

Erik is much like the antiquarians in Lovecraft, the unnamed narrators mixed with Gravity Falls (which reminds me -- Grunkle Stan-like character!) and the subtle darkness in Roald Dahl's work, particularly the Witches.

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PIMPING [01 Sep 2015|10:57am]
[ mood | busy ]


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Just collecting faces [05 Jul 2015|07:12am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna start with Peter. But just in case, here are some waiting in the wings.

Collecting faces )

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Woomp Woomp [15 May 2015|10:28pm]
[ mood | excited ]

The Purple House hold in my game had to cancel last minute. Purple House is Knowledge magic. Guess who is making Kaz as a NPC? I'll give you a hint. She can be a virgin or a whore.

Also, I reread all of Joey's entries last night. He was such a challenge for me to play but looking back, he actually really is one of my best. Def in the top five.

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We know how bad I am at these things [30 Apr 2015|12:13am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Meme 1

Give me a pairing between one of my characters (past or current) and yours and I will write a love note from one to another.


Meme 2

Comment to this post and give me one of my characters and 5 subjects/things you associate with him/her. I will reply to the comment and elaborate on the subjects given

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Oh Clough [21 Apr 2015|05:04pm]
[ mood | amused ]

In the Call of Cthulhu game I play my fussy, Dr. Watsonesque, Doctor Clough I made a family for him and gave him a three year old and wife.

The GM has done a good job with adding truly creepy stuff into everyone's backstories. He essentially made Dr. Clough a single father. Yeah, his wife went crazy and Simon had no choice but to commit her. What happened to her caused Simon to lose a heap of insanity. This was partially my doing because it made sense in character. Simon would read these books that belonged to his brother he found in a mysterious shop because yeah. He didn't believe any of it at the time but I gained a bunch of Cthulhu Mythos. Then he was forced to believe it which caused the massive drop in insanity. Poor little Clough now has a derangement, obsession with time. XD

Anyways, last session opened up with the events of the last session about a couple months earlier. CoC has a mechanic to regain sanity if you spend time with a predetermined source of stabilization. The detective I think has whiskey for his and for the archaeologist, hers is books about the American Southwest. Simon's is his family.

He regained sanity from playing and spending time with the toddler. Before, I played it like typical 1920s fashion. Simon as the provider and Ruth as the caretaker. Yes, he loves the kid but since the kid is a toddler, he still has some mother rearing to do. Simon is the baby of his family so he didn't have anyone to look after growing up but he was taken care of by a crazy uncle and nannies and stuff. Simon is technically aristocracy (the title of his father is Baron).

I keep on picturing an amusing montage of Simon trying to take care of his son and he's a little jumpy from what happened and doesn't really trust anyone in Arkham outside Karl and Peach. So you gotta do these things yourself. I see him failing at cooking. And when it was playtime, Simon makes a castle out of blocks and then Clifford knocks it over. He gets all annoyed. But somehow, he feels saner.

Then after the adventure ran its course, Simon had to go to New York. He was able to hire a nanny and insisted she'd be a tough Irish woman. Simon would be thinking as he screened new hires, what would they do if they came across the creepy stuff they had been coming across, all of which tried to take the baby. And this older Irish woman who is all :|

IDK, I know CoC is a serious dark game but I want to write this all out in a humorous way. XD

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So tired [27 Feb 2015|02:39pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I'm dragging today and having a hard time caring about stuff. Night shift does this to me. Six months left of this. Six. Long. Months. I'm trying to do tags but I am doing so slowly..... Just a fair warning!

I made peanut butter cookies though as it is my friend's birthday tomorrow. I put them in a baggie that says Treat Yo Self as he is trying to diet.

RIP Leonard Nimoy. You lived long and prospered.

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[19 Feb 2015|10:52pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Oh man, this Dating Sim game is fun but it has been a real challenge. I'm really bad at writing flirtatious scenes. Although Yandere has been fun but equally hard. I'm cruising through my logs, though. I've been lucky this week and have been killing a bunch of work logs so I can work on rp logs. XD;;;

I have come to the conclusion my cat is Yandere.

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Wow, how [18 Feb 2015|10:26am]
[ mood | busy ]

I have no idea how I ended up with this many logs @_@ The 18th sneaked up on me haha.

Kaz/Shinobu (I plan to wrap this one up but not sure how to)
Sora/Hana (I just realized my notice that I tagged didn't send)

And I had Lin and someone and I forget now.

Anyways, I am scrambling which I know is not much of an excuse since I had a snow day yesterday. I ended up watching the Babadook which is a REALLY GOOD movie. I recommend. But I kinda was thinking about it all day. XD Then, irl stuff. bah.

But this week I am on 1 - 9 and it can either be dead or really busy. I will try to tag as soon as I can! A lot of these may slip to minis. I'm sorry. :(

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Otsukimi Thoughts [01 Feb 2015|09:56am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Ah, my characters have come such a long way since the beginning. Kaz in particular had grown from his self-centered, immatureness. He still has it, true, but he has begun to open up to listening to others more effectively. I think he always tried but wasn't particularly successful.

Also, I'm pleased to see how Saki/Kaz has progressed just as a relationship. It could have been creepy -- you know, the whole. "I like a girl, I'm going to pursue her until she says yes." It was more like, Kaz took what he got and tried to be a better Kaz for Saki. Also, after the ball, Kaz kind of mentally abandoned the idea of pursuing Saki like that. All he wanted was for them to be okay again, even as friends, despite still having romantic feelings. Saki/Kaz does not exist as Kaki or Saz but how much Kaz has grown as a person in reaction to that, I just feel a strange sense of satisfaction.

Ah, I kinda hope Kaz does something cool in the next battle. I love having him fail due to his klutziness, but one day, I'd like for him to not fall so spectacularly. I'm not complaining about his failures because I created Kaz to be that one who constantly fails despite huge effort but a turning point. XD

Hana is also opening up more and more and trusting people more and more. That was also a lot of work. @_@

I am excited for the big plot. I am also excited for Valentine's Day. This is a silly reason but Yasu hates Valentine's Day so he will be extra creepy leading up to it.

Speaking of which, even though in the scheme of things it does not mean a lot, I find it amusing that Hana has a lot of mini-crushes but she never acts on them. Kaz has been pretty consistent on his crush on Saki. And Yasu has feelings for Yo but man he HATES Valentine's Day. He is his father's son and not in terms of creepiness but also he's kind of sensitive when it comes to that sort of thing.

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Oh dear god [30 Jan 2015|11:21am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

As I mentioned last post, I got super into Nobunaga Concerto. I had intense feelings. The kind in which you are crying, hugging a pillow, and rocking back and forth sort of feelings.

Then on night shift I began brushing up on the Sengoku Era. And now, the last two nights (mornings?), I've had intense dreams/nightmares about samurai battles. And this wasn't like demon samurai battles. No, incredibly bloody violent samurai battles. I feel like a zombie because of my lack of sleep.

I am also slightly amused by this because my friend who wasn't at my party gave me Sunday my birthday gift of the Game of Thrones card game and it looks amazing but it is also like stuff that happened in Nobunaga Concerto (feudal Japan and War of the Roses, pretty similar and all that). I made arrangements to play tonight. XD;; I guess I am having a feudal week.

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Heheh [26 Jan 2015|07:42pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I've utterly addicted to Nobunaga Concerto. I see potential for PBing Kou Shibasaki in the future.

Holy crap is this pic big )

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Characters that Challenge You [09 Jan 2015|05:33pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Hopefully this will be short because I have to run off but I just wanted to note a few things after finishing up an absolutely amazing Kaz/Susumu log.

What we want most out of characters is we want them to grow. You can do that by putting them in a rough situation that they have to work their way out of. That is probably the easiest way. The harder and arguably more satisfying way is playing off another character.

I know it is a common trope to have nemeses or a difficult love interest in which you are different but just enough alike. Actually, usually when you talk about "people who challenge you" people immediately think to love interests and mentors. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that. But what about peers?

I've mentioned before how much I love Saito and Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin because they're allies, they have the same exact goal but they openly despise each other. But they can respect their abilities. The same is true for Detective Hill and Sherlock in Elementary. Sherlock even says Hill is the best Detective in the city but he just rubs Sherlock the wrong way. Hill returned the sentiment. And throughout the show, the challenge each other because they have that respect for each other but at the same time, their methods challenge the other.

I kind of feel that way with Kaz and Susumu. I doubt they will ever become close friends. There is that rubbing the wrong way thing that Hill and Sherlock have. But both can admit -- with tons of alcohol-- that they don't think the other is a bad person. And I can't speak for Susumu but for Kaz? Susumu challenges him. And neither aren't so much mentoring or love interests. It is purely as peers and I wouldn't even call them rivals. Maybe on a low level sure but, it is just an interesting dynamic I see played ever so often.

But that got me thinking, we need characters to challenge other characters. In my game, which just finished up, I felt that way was true for Joss and Alan. The two had history as childhood friends and they constantly provided conflict to the other which caused both of them to be largely different people by the end. Joss took on responsibility and Alan realized that the establishment doesn't always know everything. And they were not mentors, love interests (Alan was secretly gay), and barely friends... not even. But they challenged each other as peers and it was interesting to be seen played out.

I think that is what frustrated me the most about Ren at Willowbrook. I love Ren so much. He was probably one of my most complex characters with many layers. But he had no one to challenge him. No one wanted to scratch below the surface to figure out if that smile went down all the way. I really wish Ren had that someone.

And as I said, it doesn't have to be romantic, mentorish, or even friends. Peers.

Ah I hope this made a lot of sense. I gotta run.

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